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HEATSMART™ Zone Heaters

“Heat the room you spend time in, NOT THE WHOLE HOUSE!”

Safe. Solid. Sensible.

The Heat Smart™ heater delivers safe, comfortable, and efficient heat. The units are compact in size, and feature high efficiency commercial quartz infrared heating elements within a solid steel heat chamber.

The Heat Smart™ internal construction is of lifetime galvanized steel with a solid steel heat chamber and an aluminum intake filter, proudly made in the USA.

Convection Heating

Why beneficial?
Heat Smart™ features the use of convection heating. Cool air enters a large intake, passes through it's low noise dual internal fans, and circulated across six infrared quartz heating elements resulting in a quick and highly efficient output of heat that is evenly distributed throughout the room.

How it works & 10 Great Reasons to Buy From Us


  1. Superior Parts
    Six Infrared Quartz Heating Elements.
  2. Control
    The fan switch that controls the fan.
  3. Optimal Heating
    The heat chamber that increases the temperature of the air by approximately 115 degrees.
  4. Balanced Heat
    Warm air gently enters the room and keeps the temperature difference between floor and ceiling to two or three degrees.
  5. Safety
    Two High Limit Safety switches that turn the unit off in the unlikely event of the unit overheating.
  6. Dual Fans
    Dual Low noise 55 CFM fans for circulating the air through the heater and the area being heated.
  7. Filtration
    Room temperature intake air. This air passes through a high efficiency lifetime filter that removes dust and dirt from the air before it enters the heater.
  8. Remote Controlled Thermostat
    The thermostat on the rear panel that controls the temperature at which the heater turns on and off.
  9. On/Off Switch
    Lighted ON/OFF Switch on the front controls all power to the heater.
  10. Opti-Switch
    High/low switch on the rear panel. In the High position, the heater operates at 1500 watts and at the Low position the heater operates at 1000 watts.